Capacity building strategy on labour migration governance in Africa

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African Union

 The Joint Programme on Labour Migration Governance for Development and Integra- tion in Africa (JLMP) is a long-term joint undertaking between the AU, ILO, IOM, UNECA, and UNDP. It is the instrument ded- icated to the implementation of the 5th Key Priority Area of the Declaration and Plan of Action on Employment, Poverty Eradica- tion and Inclusive Development. The JLMP was adopted by the Assembly of Heads of State and Government in January 2015.

Its strategy is focused on intra-African labour migration. It is in line with and supports achievement of the Agenda 2063; the First Ten Year Implementation Plan for Agenda 2063 (2014 – 2023), and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The JLMP implementation also builds ground on the AU Migration Policy Framework for Africa and Plan of Action (2018 – 2030), which names the JLMP as one of the major means towards establishing regular, transparent, comprehensive and gender-responsive labour migration policies, legislation and structures at national and regional levels.

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