JLMP Labour migration

AUC strengthened capacity provides for continental and regional operational leadership in labour migration management including spearheading / steering the implementation of the JLMP at all levels


  • Strengthened/established AUC’s technical and staff capacity to lead the implementation of the JLMP. This output seeks to build the capacity of the AUC Social Affairs Department through providing staff services in order to transfer IOM`s technical expertise for establishing the project support unit which will be responsible for managing the implementation of the programme, and will be based at the AUC Department of Social Affairs (DSA), in Addis Ababa. Under this output AUC, in close consultation with IOM, will develop ToRs for the staff that will provide services to AUC, chair interview processes and the successful candidates will be hired by IOM. Decisions regarding hiring of new staff or assigning current staff to AUC will be within the discretion of IOM following its regulatory frameworks and applicable legislation. IOM will undertake the purchase of all necessary office equipment.
  • Strengthened capacity of the 3 RECs on labour migration management. IOM (through SIDA funding) is responsible for the implementation of conducting Baseline assessment to identify existing needs and priorities of three selected RECs in the area of labour migration management, to identify where existing structures address labour mobility/migration and Supporting RECs’ Secretariat with one labour migration expert to assist in their roles and responsibilities on labour migration management and covers all costs related to the implementation of these activities. ILO will provide technical expertise.
  • Promoted visibility of the JLMP though relevant communication initiatives. AUC through the Directorate of Information and Communication with oversee the implementation of this Output. IOM (through SIDA funding) will provide financial support and will lead the implementation of Supporting implementation of the Communication Strategy on JLMP Priority implementation and the JLMP implementation as a whole and Supporting establishment and activities of an AU and REC Network of media professionals on labour migration.