An African Union Commission Programme Support Unit (AUC-PSU) will be established to manage the implementation of the programme, and will be based at the AUC-DSA, in Addis Ababa. The AUC-PSU will be coordinated by a project coordinator.

The project coordinator ensures the overall coordination and management, and carries the final responsibility for the implementation of the project. The project coordinator will be responsible to the PTC, and present the progress of the programme to the PTC. The project coordinator also oversees coordination with the participating RECs and MSs. Other staff will consist of one labour statistician, one legal advisor, one project management support officer and one administrative assistant/secretary. The coordinator will have monthly meetings with the coordinators of the different components of the JLMP.

The AUC-PSU is responsible for the day-to-day coordination of the project implementation by the different implementing agencies (IOM, ILO and AUC). AUC-PSU will prepare the draft report in coordination with IOM and ILO, who jointly approve the final report to be submitted to the PSC. Once the PSC approves the report for submission to the donor, IOM as an administrative agent will submit the final endorsed report to the donor.

IOM will support the establishment of the AUC-PSU at the AUC-DSA. IOM will provide the service of transferring IOM’s technical expertise with a project coordinator at the AUC to oversee the establishment of the AUC-PSU. AUC will, in close consultation with IOM, develop the ToRs for the staff in the AUC-PSU and facilitate the recruitment process. IOM will be responsible for funding these positions for the 3 years.

AUC will be working together with the PSU and other IOM and ILO staff, on ensuring that the capacity development is sustainable beyond the end of the JLMP Priority

implementation, such as by conducting joint trainings and workshops; elaborating a plan on professional development that foresees inclusion of labour migration knowledge and expertise during the AUC hiring and professional development process etc.