The initial list of members includes the AUC, ILO, IOM. Donors participate in the sessions of the PTC to follow-up and monitor the financial management of allocated resources.

The Programme Technical Committee (PTC) will be responsible for the monitoring and the implementation of the JLMP Priority activities. The PTC is responsible for providing technical expertise and guidance to the AUC-PSU throughout the implementation of project activities as detailed in programme document and logframe. The PTC will also agree on annual workplans, continuous monitoring of the project implementation and of agreeing on ways forward in case of changes in outcomes and outputs. The AUC-PSU will present annual progress, reports, etc. to the PTC. The PTC’s suggestions for ways forward must in cases of substantial changes to the objectives and outcomes be presented to and approved by the PSC.

The PTC is accountable to the PSC for the achievements of the objectives and targets of the project.

The PTC meets twice annually.

When appropriate, the PTC can choose to invite observers to its meeting for specific purposes and upon invitation.

The AUC ensures the Secretariat of the Committee.

The programme governance is constituted of:

  • Programme Steering Committee (PSC)
  • Programme Technical Committee (PTC)
  • An AUC Programme Support Unit (AUC-PSU)